Friday, February 24, 2012

Like in College

 (Jacket: H&M/ Shirt and boots: Forever21/ bag: HappyBoon) #teenvogue

My favorite bag obviously. :) Love how flexible it can be.
and for some reason i don't know why every time i am including a bag into an outfit post this is what I'm using. Anyway, how college can you get when wearing this university type of jacket?
Bought this neon pink one on sale in H&M hongkong, such a deal for only hk$100 :)

Weather is weird right? well, at least for those who are living here in Manila. 
I just hate it every time its raining so hard in the morning so you'll choose an outfit that would cover you from chills then the next thing you know later in the afternoon its already summer.

Oh well, in life sometimes things are uncertain so always be prepared.

God bless!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lovely Stacy

Last night after work, I and Neil on the way home decided to grab something to eat. He suggested Capitol hills. We were actually planning to eat in a different resto then, but upon the entrance of that establishment was a cute surprise, Stacy's. A restaurant that i would like to try ever since i saw blogger Tricia Gosingtian tweeted a cute picture via instagram. Of course Neil knew about it so with no hesitations we entered that place. Ate waitress (failed to get her name) was kind enough to let me take pictures (thank you!) so here you go readers, meet Stacy :)
Vintage stuffs everywhere. so cuuuttee :)
We didn't get to try any of their yummy-looking-cakes though cause we were so full already. In fact, i wasn't really planning on eating dinner that time, but i just can't resist ordering from their menu, seems like every single thing in it is delicious! :)
 Mug full of popcorn and marshmallows for free! such a cute treat :)
Big Breakfast Bangers P185- Savoury grilled sausage patty served with sugar-dusted French toasts, cheesy scrambled eggs and a cup of fresh fruits
Waikiki Omu-Rice  P205- Caramelized spam like you've never tasted it! Pan-grilled in brown sugar and folded into buttery mushroom fried rice, wrapped in a yummy cheesy two-egg omelette. Served with creamy Japanese mayo, tomato blend ketchup and fiery hot sauce for that added kick!
and when we asked for the bill.. tadah! they sent it with 3 chocolate hearts. aw, that's sweet :)
I really enjoyed dining at Stacy's. I love restaurants with cute interior, it makes the dining experience fun and extra special. Plus! their food aren't expensive at all and take note, they're really yummy!
PS. Stacy's is located in Capitols Hills, Quezon City.
Click here for their website.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friends and Balloons

Last Feb 11, 2012 me and my friends attended the 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga. We left Manila at around 2:30 am with almost zero sleep and reached our friend Guia's home in Clark Airbase before 6 am. Since Guia's dad is part of the Air Force, we got to go inside the perimeter where the giant balloons and mini airplanes were :) Watching them going from flat down the ground to filled up and fly in the sky up-close was really cool! I got to take pictures of every single thing my eyes saw. 
Here, take a look!

And after some air exhibitions at around 8am we left because it was scorching hot in the area already. We went to Guia's house ate a little bit (they got like unlimited pringles:)) then next thing we know, it's already 2 in the afternoon. Yah, we all fell asleep not to mention in every corner of Guia's house. After that, think about American Idol marathon, Uno Stacko and shot glass then spaghetti for dinner, haha. Thanks to Guia's family who were too kind to accommodate us even if we acted like crazy teenagers. :)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Give Me Some Scallops

 (Blazer: from Bazaar/ Scalloped Shorts, Accessories and Bag: HappyBoon/ Boots:HK) #teenvogue
Wish I am working in BGC, i love to take pictures there, hangout or walk around it's streets. I also like the environment, people and dog watching is really fun! 
To the Outfit: As you can see I am wearing clothes within the same hues which you call Monochromatic. :) To break it a little bit, I also wore an animal printed top and some blacks at the same time.
By the way, look! i took some random photos using instagram that day. Don't you love that app? Love it so much!
Just like to share :)
 Instagram rocks! haha :)
God bless everyone and Happy weekend! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red and Plaid

(Polo: NAVA/ Accessories and Bag: HappyBoon/ Aviator: Gucci/ Boots:HK) #teenvogue
Hello there! It's been a while and so much for a blog hiatus. Hope this short outfit post will do for a make up :) Summer is here baby! but why is it raining hard these past few days, the weather is terrible that's why i always go for a safe outfit, not too summer-esque or the other way around. Lovin this boots that i bought in HK, it's very comfortable to walk. Oh, i can't wait to have a vacation somewhere again, wanna go back to HK and buy more shoesies!!! :)
By the way, me and my friends attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival last saturday! It' was fun, will upload some snaps in my next post. :)

OH! belated Happy Heart's day everyone!
that explains why i am wearing color red in this post, haha ma-connect lang.