Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cafe Lidia and Happy Lemon Experience

(Top: Forever 21/ Shoes: Jcube Online Boutique/ Shorts: Oxygen/ Bag and Necklace: HappyBoon/ Hat: WAGW)

Went to Neil's house last Friday night, then his parents decided to take us out for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Cafe Lidia, located or should i say hidden somewhere in Marikina. This place was cozy and the many cars i saw parked outside made me think this might be a good food serving resto. And I was right. They serve Pizza, pastas, mozzarella sticks, soup, and many more which i believe belongs to the Italian menu. And the good thing about eating there is it wasn't expensive at all!.

After the Cafe Lidia Dinner, took off to Eastwood for more bonding time with Neil. And there, we experienced Happy Lemon :)

coolness.. :)
Tadah! Mine is on the right side and i loved it! Neil was kinda regretful of his drink, he liked mine better.

A great food will never fail you. it's the cure to a stressful day. Well, a retail therapy will be as helpful too of course! :)

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Till the next!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miko and Daye

I would like to share with you photos from last Friday's dinner with my college friends @ Kitchen in Greenbelt 3. Oh, i love what i ordered, i think its called Under the sun -Seafood in white sauce and was a little bit spicy. :)

Get ready for the food galore :)

Happy Birthday again Miko and Daye! Thanks for the treat! i definitely enjoyed the night with you. <3

On another note, which also happened on the same day, me and Neil went to Ahavia again to get some body massage. Too much stress of life that we have to immediately get over with. haha :)

Too bad, pictures i got aren't that good to present but will post them anyway.
Here you go :)
(change of effects, sorry its kinda dark inside)

Lobby/ reception/waiting area, whatever :)
 My massage buddy, Neil <3 (what a face :))
 Great, just my feet. no outfit post. :((((((((((
 While waiting..
 Inside the comfort room :)
Massage room :)(labo sorry:)

For more infos about Ahavia, check them out HERE.

..and that's what you call a great Friday!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh HE loves me

(Top and inner: Forever 21/ Shoes: Jcube Online Boutique/ Skinnies: Penshoppe/ Bag: Nine West/ Necklace:HappyBoon/ Eyewear: Forever 21 )
Wore this on a Sunday:)
Well, Sundays are the best whenever spent in the house of God with Family! It's inspiring, refreshing and relaxing all at the same time :)#teenvogue

Nothing much to this post, i just wanna show this lovely and "true" top i got from F21! It says: "Jesus loves Me" and guess what? HE LOVES YOU TOO - no matter what!

Spread the good news! :)