Thursday, May 31, 2012

Go Green

 (Top: Bazaar/ Mullet Skirt: Summersault/ Accessories: HappyBoon/ Watch: Parfois/ Heels: Espanolas/ Bag: HappyBoon)

Hello there!
Cant believe it's June already and i can smell rainy days ahead. :(
I don't know if I've mentioned it here before but i don't really like rain, makes me feel gloomy aside from the fact that it's irritating when you're commuting or simply going out. 
Looking at the bright side, say hi to sweaters and boots again! :)

Anyway, on to my outfit;  i think my title shoudn't be Go Green but Go Teal! huh? :)
 Love this mullet skirt I'm wearing except that i wanted the front to be shorter (like 3in above the knee). But i just felt the need to wear it so alteration comes whenever i'll have time for it. 

Like the peter pan collar necklace I'm wearing here? 
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Godbless ya'll and Happy Weekend! <3


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Katalogue X HappyBoon Birthday Giveaway! :)

Hello Katalogue readers! 
I'm sure there were constant visitors out there and I've got a little something for you!

Here it is! *drumroll*

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God bless you all!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Excuse me, I'll park here

 (Top: Forever 21/ Denim shorts: Bazaar/ Accessories: HappyBoon/ Heels: Espanolas/ Bag: HappyBoon)

Hello! Hope everybody's doing great!
Wore this last night to watch MIB 3 with Neil. It was good by the way! :)

I've been getting a lot of compliment with the shoes I am wearing in my post Color Block , indeed it was very pretty and comfy too! I can walk in them the whole day without complaining! Thus, you see I got another pair in gray :) 

Anyway, my birthday's coming up and I can't believe time flies really fast because I'm already turning 25 on Monday! OH NO! sounds kinda old to me but still I praise God for giving me those wonderful years.
Speaking of my birthday, I'm going to giveaway "stuffs" to one (1) not lucky but blessed winner! So stay tuned for my next post :)


Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's New on HappyBoon?

For those who read my blog since day one,
you know that aside from all the other things that i do regularly there's this one thing that i really love doing and hopefully it gets bigger and bigger that it can already support my life's financial needs, haha. Well, what's nice about having a business like this? Aside from the fact that it doesn't feel like "work" at all, I get to have freebies for my self too. :) Most if not all of the accessories that i wear in my outfit posts were from HappyBoon <3 

And just today, it released a new collection of accessories. Yay! :)
(Artwork by yours truly)

Check out HappyBoon's Page now for fabulous fashion finds at very affordable prices!
Here's a sneak peak from the latest accessory collection. :)

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I'll leave you with a picture of Camille Co of wearing fab accessories from HappyBoon :)

Visit her blog for more looks! 
PS. I'll be having my first blog giveaway this week!
It's going to be Katalogue x HappyBoon for my birthday so keep posted!!! :)


Color Block

(Inner Top and Skirt: Forever 21/ Robe: The Ramp/ Accessories: HappyBoon/ Heels: Espanolas/ Bag:Mango/ iPhone case: from HK )

Spell COLORS. :)
Need i say more? They just simply brighten up a day, try it! :)

And look at my last pic!  the iPhone case which Neil brought me from his trip to HK,
i just think it deserves a close-up shot, haha. :)

Goodnight <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

Peach and Florals

 (Sweater and Inner Top: Forever 21/ Floral Skort: Bazaar/ Accessories and Bag: HappyBoon/ Heels: Espanolas )

Though PH only have 2 seasons which are the wet and dry, it's always fun to take inspiration from one lovely and colorful season there is; Spring! <3You just can't simply resist the lovely and fresh feel that floral, bright colors, prints and the latest now - Pastels bring! <3Tell me, this palette looks yummy right? hee :)Anyway, just like to say Neil went to HongKong for 8 days last last week and i missed him! (besides that i envy him because i would like to go back there!I call him my bfbff  aka "boyfriend-best friend forever" haha :)and look look look what he brought me! <3
*thank you*

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God bless!