Monday, June 20, 2011

SM Accessories Launch

Better late than never.

Last June 8, I went with Pam and my boss to One Esplanade for the SM Accessories fashion show. Basically, they showcased their latest collection of belts, scarves, jewelries, hats, eyewear and lots of other accessories that are available at SM Department Stores. We arrived late, exactly when the fashion show is about to start, so we just took the back seats.(and by this time, we haven't eaten dinner yet)

And since we're kinda far from the runway, please forgive my kinda crappy photos. :)

with Pam :)
Circular Runway with hanging giant people cut-outs

 Belt Galore!
 Look, how creative! They made a skirt out of scarves :)
Then the Superheroes invaded the runway :)
The little kids did well on the runway too! Cute!
 Tim Yap.
And some celebs for the finale.
my company , Pam and Ms. Mimic:)
 (Top: my sister's (yay!) / Shoes: Jcube Online Boutique/ Leggings: Topshop/ Bag: LV)
 My only outfit shot :( #teenvogue

Oh, i missed blogging! 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Shoe In-LOVE!

Calling all Shoeholics out there! 
(ehem.. i'm considering myself one now at this point)

 The List Group gives you..

Have you found your perfect pair yet? If not, save the dates because it is going to rain shoes on June 25-26 at Bonifacio Global City! Even I can't wait for this event. Save up people, I think even 1 pair is pretty reasonable, right? So, never miss this exciting thing coming in the Metro!

For more information, checkout TheListGroup now! :)


Monday, June 6, 2011


 (Top: F21 / Shoes: Jcube Online Boutique/ Shorts: Oxygen/ Necklace: Solo, Robinson's)

First of all, yah am wearing the same top again from 1 post back but on a different and more comfortable way :)

So basically, we just did a shoot for my clothing line HappyBoon. Despite the heavy rain, we still went on because i can no longer wait to open the shop and show the public what we got, even if it takes just the two of us (Neil and I) to accomplish the task not to mention using a dirty wall outside my house as a background! That's what you call determination and resourcefulness people, haha. :)
Anyway, thanks to Neil again for helping me through this.
Well, all the hard work were paid off immediately because we visited spa that night, too bad body massages were fully-booked already so we just settled on the couch to get foot massage + arms and back. Darn, my heel hurt while the masseuse was pressing it hard. That moment, i just felt all the pain caused by the culprit - sky-high heels! #teenvogue

Finally the long wait is over, HappyBoon is now open and i cannot thank God enough for such blessing!
Please, visit HappyBoon now and checkout our latest collections!

and God bless