Monday, July 30, 2012

Basics Reinvented

Shirt and skirt: Forever 21 / Studded leather cuffs: HappyBoon / Denim Top: HappyBoon / Bag: Bangkok / Oxfords:  Supersale Bazaar / Socks: Forever 21

First of all i just like to say, hooray to Neil's new camera (from D40 to D7000)! Look at those pictures, before, we really don't like taking pictures at night because of poor lighting. But now, we want more lights in the background!
Haha, I'm not going to lie I know apart from him I'm the one who's really going to benefit from it. 
So hooray to better photos in my blog! :)

Moving on to what I am wearing; 
Well basically you know I have worn most of this separately from my previous posts. You see there's nothing wrong in repeating clothes as long as you style them differently and make them appear like they're brand new again. Last Friday, since i will be out almost the whole day for work, i opted to wear my oxfords which I got from the last Supersale Bzaar for P400 ($10) - such a steal! 
For me, men-inspired women's clothing are best matched with the girly pieces. It somehow create an unusual (in a good way) balance to the whole look.

Here, I come up with 2 sets of looks I created using :)
Key piece: Men's inspired jacket
Key pieces: Oxfords, Boyfriends denim button down. Fedora
If you wanna try some of these looks but not yet willing to invest in men-inspired pieces, why not borrow from your boyfriend or brother instead? :)
 Photog: Neil Villamayor
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Top: HappyBoon / Neon Pink Cut off shorts: HappyBoon / Accessories: HappyBoon / Bag: HappyBoon / Lace Up Boots:  Hong Kong /Timewear: Nixon 
Does this post initially made your eyes hurt, especially while staring at my uber noticeable cut off neon pink shorts? I wont apologize though cause i think its amazing! :)
Love how the whole look screams "I'm young and having fun!" 
You see colors has this thing to cheer people up or brighten a gloomy day.
For those who are afraid of wearing it, don't be! If you can't be too loud as this try it little by little like for example; You're more of a all-black-from-head-to-toe type of a person, break the darkness a little by wearing a yellow purse or a pair of red heels. You'll see a pop of color will work its wonders to instantly make your wardrobe stand out!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Just like to share!!! :)
One of my looks got featured on another site called 
Yay! Thanks for the feature Ms Rhiannon Payne.
The article's title is "How to Look Fabulous in your Old Graphic Shirt".
The site is great, talks about all sorts of women stuffs and issues like Fashion, beauty tips, real life situations and a whole lot more! Go and try giving it a click! 
Here are some screenshots. 


Monday, July 16, 2012

Neon Green

Top: Forever 21 / Studded Shorts: Bangkok / Black leather Cuff: HappyBoon / Bag and Collar Necklace: HappyBoon / Heels:  Jcubeonlineboutique /Timewear: Parfois / Nail Polish: Tony Moly

First of all, I would like to congratulate myself for keeping up with my blog posts lately. 
Im so proud... Haha, well my only wish is that i'll be forever consistent like this. 

Onto my outfit: Wore these yesterday for Church minus the shorts (was wearing a leopard printed skirt and just changed after so that it can be a lot comfortable) then headed to the last day of Supersale Bazaar at the WTC. 
I love how this neon green shirt i got on sale at Forever 21 popped out of the blacks!
I just thought that this studded shorts which i already wore here will make a perfect pair for it. 
Can you imagine this outfit without the collar necklace from HappyBoon that i am wearing? You're right! It'll be totally incomplete and boring because collar necklaces are such a statement, they can easily make a simple top/dress extra chic.

Photos by: Neil Villamayor <3

Hope you had a great weekend!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Breeze

Top and Skort: Muffin / BagParfois / Wedge: Espanolas / Bracelet and Necklace: HappyBoon

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine Blowing through the jasmine in my mind......lalalala
Ok, sorry for a very oldies intro. It was stuck in my head since i typed it as my title.
You know those days when you don't know or simply you're just too lazy to put up and match an outfit from head to toe - grab a dress! Like what i did in this look, and instead of pairing colorful matching bag and shoes, i opted to wear gray just to tone it down a bit.

Yay! will try to maintain this posting habit.

Happy Weekend!

Oh! and speaking of weekend, there are so many stores out there conducting their mid-year sale.
Ugh, temptations. Sweet temptations. :) But i think i won't be going to the malls, instead you'll see me here..

Photos by: Neil Villamayor <3

God bless!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Denim, Florals, Colors and More Colors

 Inner Top: Forever 21 / Denim TopHappyBoon / Floral Shorts: HappyBoon / Bag, Necklace and bracelets: HappyBoon / Shoes:  Jcubeonlineboutique / Flats: Cole Vintage /Timewear: Nixon / Nail Polish: Tony Moly

I missed blogging! So sorry for the lag, i wasn't able to get the memory card where my pictures to post are stored (if that could be an excuse). Anyway, into my outfit already:
I really like the floral shorts I'm wearing here, (which will soon be available in my shop HappyBoon) told yah i can never get over with wearing floral printed clothes! To create a balance, i wore just plain  sleeveless on top and the light denim button down over it. Of course it wont be complete without some yummy accessories! :) Oh, and i changed to flats cause i've been running some errands that day (in florals too!).

What you think?

Thanks to Neil Villamayor for my photos! <3