Saturday, March 24, 2012


(Sleeveless Top and Skirt: Bazaars/ Accessories: HappyBoon/ Wedges: Primadonna)

So much of a lag huh?
Anyway, can't you just love dressing up like this when the weather is so scorching hot?
Yah, wearing this outfit, i feel carefree! :)
Well, lotsa things has been happening to me lately and i just cant wait to share with you esp the exciting ones!!! :)
For now, i think im gonna stop here, its 2:40 am already and my eyes been itching to sleep!

Night loves!


Thursday, March 1, 2012


 (Sleeveless Top: ZARA/ Denim Vest: Terranova/ Jeans: Topshop/ Bowler Hat: WAGW/ Clogs: Summersault) #teenvogue
Trying to be bad ass in here, can you see? No colorful stuffs except my Pink lippies. Well, to tell you honestly i don't really feel happy but mad, frustrated and hurt because of what's been happening these past days or ever since i cannot even remember. Don't expect i will write you details though, because 1. its too personal 2. it involves people that i really care about and love the most and 3. Faith won over my feelings already that's why i can say i'm better now. So let's just leave it there.
Anyway, the easiest way to look bad ass = denim vest+dark graphic shirt+aviators+bowler hat. Right? Just Agree.

nothings coming out of my brain now. I'll better stop before i consume more useless time staring at my computer screen.
I'll leave you with these last 2 pictures. 
 Once LOST.
 but now I'm found. Thank the One up there because when everything else fails, He will never disappoint you.
God bless!