Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello Summer!

 Top: Forever 21
Acid washed denim shorts: from Greenhills
Cheetah printed head band: DIY of my sister
Slippers: Havaianas
Aviators: Gucci

Finally! my last post from the Boracay trip :)
Wore this simple and comfy outfit the day we're about to leave the beach. And while my cousin and i were looking for a drugstore we discovered this spot where different shops are lined up. I regret that we only saw this the day were leaving and since it was too early, shops are still closed. Nonetheless, we just hit on the opportunity to take some outfit shots since there were less people that time. Anyway, glad we had our shopping the night before so i was able to buy food and some goodies (last picture) pang-pasalubong. :)#teenvogue

By the way, thanks for keeping up with me! and can i just say, I feel happy whenever there's a new visitor appearing on my flag counter, at least someone out there's reading my blog. hee :)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boracay Trip: Part 2

Stripe Bandeau Bikini: Babo
Denim Shorts:Diego
Slippers: Havaianas

Spell: LIFE.

Praise God for these beautiful creations He made for our pleasure and of course for us to treasure. Sorry, can't help to post too much pictures, its not even 1/4 of the album! haha.

Anyway.. Basically, what we did: island tour, snorkeling, banana boating, jet-ski, skim boarding, food trip and endless cam-whoring! And on our last night, since we're so tired after all our explorations we (my sisters and cousins) fell asleep at around 10pm. Sucks really, because instead of snoring we should be partying for the last time! :( My mom asked us in the morning what happened to us (while chuckling). She said they even had spa late at night. My brother, on the other hand, said he was knocking on our door and because we're not answering he just went out and partied alone. Just failed.. :( Oh well.

PS. I still have a part 3, but that's just an outfit post.:)



Monday, April 11, 2011

Boracay Trip: Part 1

 Fedora: Pop Culture
Floral Top: SM Dept. Store
Denim Shorts: Greenhills
Aviator: Gucci
Slippers: Havainas
WARNING!Picture overload ahead :)


with my sister Jane.

One word: AMAZING!
Went to Boracay for a vacation with my family last week and it was a blast! It's been 12 years (i think) since my last trip there -Boo, what a loser. But, if i can only afford, i would love to spend the whole summer there cause i only experienced nothing but pure awesomeness!!! I would literally want to cry the moment we're getting ourselves ready to leave because i just can't get enough of the beach, the sand, nature adventure and basically "the chill life with no stress". 

I would love to do this yearly, its just relaxing. Will have to save up for the next because man.. if you really wanna enjoy the trip to the bones you just gotta have a lot reserved! #teenvogue

Wait for the part 2 post!

My night outfit
Dress: Promod


Friday, April 1, 2011

Plaid Treat

Plaid Polo: Babo
Denim Shorts: Random brand
Belt: random brand
Aviator: Gucci
Bag: Happy Boon
Clogs: Summersault

Seriously, not updating this blog constantly, bothers me.. Haha, i must say it's so addicting! Anyway, wore this to a pamper day with my boyfriend Neil days ago. Forgive the oily/wet finish-messed up-hair cause we took these photos after we had a whole body massage in the spa. Will go back there to get a foot spa and massage. My feet's been hurting due to sky-high heels i wear almost everyday from day to night.

PS: For those who are in the Philippines, im selling this cute bag! Message me if interested. Available colors on hand are: Beige (like mine), black and rust.

PPS: My blog's been accepted to Teen Vogue's Fashion Click! :) This means you can also view my outfit posts on their site as well as the other bloggers', click here#teenvogue

Till the next, Godbless!