Thursday, February 24, 2011


Recently, these magazines arrived from Japan and since then i've been drooling! Tokyo is one of the cities i wish to visit someday for the love of their culture, architecture and most of all Fashion!!! Japanese in a fashion context are very experimental, peculiar and sometimes exaggerated. But what i like about them is their guts to be somehow diverse between all other existing and emerging styles what-it-may-be. These magazines (March 2011 issues) were just so amazing and inspiring, and i feel the need to share them with you.. i just wish they were written in English though :)

They even have make up tutorial pages. :)

cool huh?

 till the next!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Week Essentials: A Portfolio

 all photos courtesy of

Aren't they all look so lovely? Whether you're going to the Fashion Week or not, what should make your list?
Will post mine soon! :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Go With It

inner black sleeveless: random brand
Denim vest: Terranova
Floral Skirt: Random brand
necklace: bought from tiendesitas
socks: Forever 21
Heels: Summersault 
(with my freaky eyes :))

Hi there everyone! If there are any readers yet. lol.

Wore this to work and movie night last Friday with Neil.
To add sort of character to the whole ensemble, i put the denim vest over the slightly girly outfit (not much because it wasn't pink! :).
And oh! can i just mention - i love Adam Sandler movies!
His movies may not be the deep or mind boggling type at all but its always fun to watch just like the recent one which by the way made me laugh all through the night.

The whole plot may be kind of predictable but all the other details of the movie were so put up together (very funny!). Ok, before i spoil anything why don't you just head on to the cinemas and watch either with the boyfriend, friends or family! I'm sure you'll feel good after watching this one. :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Do the Checklist for Spring 2011!

First of all, forgive the lack of happiness from my last post. I just realized that i should not dwell on sadness but concentrate on more positive things that's going to happen, and guess what.. i just got a word from God to leave everything to Him! so i guess now i'm back to the normal me. :)

So right now on a totally different and exciting note, i would like to share with you..


 It's just February, and you've got more time to prepare yourselves with these fabulous and trendy key pieces you "must have" for the SS 2011!

Clothing Trends:
1. Sheer Maxi dress
2. Lace Clothing
3. Tassles
4. Bell bottoms
5. Wide-leg pants
6. Capri pants
7. Tail hems - dresses longer at the back
8. Stripes
9. Jumpsuits and play suits
10. Crop tops

Accessory Trends:
1. Cat-eye sunglasses
2. Belt purse

Shoe Trends:
1. Clogs
2. Kitten Heels

 Thank you for the very informative 
must-know-fashion-stuffs! click here for more!

Again, sorry for being so random lately.


Monday, February 14, 2011

It's raining on Valentine's Day

Yah it is.. 
Happy V-day everyone..

I know, a happy person should at least greet for such occasion with some enthusiasm. But i guess i can barely feel that right now. Im sad, bothered or maybe iffy of what i am really feeling about my current situation. I want to let it out but i cant. Some things are just better left unsaid esp if you don't actually want to talk about it because not everyone has to know.. simply because, it hurts. Even just a thought of it breaks my heart. So what's the sense of me writing about it now? Clueless. Or well, i can say that a part of me just want to come out and at least tell the world I'm not ok. I just look like it, but im not. And that's enough.


On a lighter note, just when i thought the whole day is going to be miserable (emotionally speaking) and right after i sent a message tellin' "sorry, ang loser naten di tayo nagcelebrate ngayon" - i heard a knock on our door. Totally unexpected, there was Neil and a bunch of flowers. It made me smile and suddenly i felt normal again. 

 Thank you from my heart..

Gloomy days ahead but i'm sure God is working on His miracles.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I can smell Rain

Inner top:Babo
Plaid Polo Shirt: Wrangler
Denim shorts: bought from Greenhills
Belt: Tomato

After my work last Saturday, me and Neil head on to High Street. We were actually aiming to shoot with the sun still up and we're so happy we did get there on time! 
by the way, thanks to my boyfriend Neil for the pretty pictures! (just edited it a bit :)
and yeah, i can smell rain is coming.. (not literally)



Friday, February 11, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

See you when i see you

Top: bought from Greenhills
Belt:from HK
Black Pants: Dickies
Wedges: bought online
cuff: Tomato
Bowler Hat: WAGW

Went out for lunch today with my office mates. It was the most sad (with overflowing tears) lunch ever since i've been working in this company. Intentionally, the lunch-out was for our dear friend/co-worker Yna. It's her last day tomorrow because she is leaving for a higher job offer.. And it always hurt when good friends go.. So many things you're goin to miss doing together. But that's life, people always come and go and it doesn't mean ending.. because true friends remain in our hearts. Besides, we're now living in times where technology is present.. So yna, if you're reading this (probably not anytime soon after i wrote it but) hey, if you need buddies to laugh with, party with, eat with or whatever we're just one text away! Let's keep the connection alright! i love you! *akap* (hugs).
(with yna :)

On another note, my photos above were taken by my another good friend Benz (thank you!). It was an impromptu shoot outside the resto while others are inside and waiting for our orders. It was fun! and remember what i said to my previous post? Getting used to shoot with public eyes everywhere!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Like a Child

Went casual all the way on a Saturday work. I really love how comfy this top is! Initially i was planning to pair it with shorts but since im not so sure if i can at work, i wore it with jeans instead. Oh, and can i just mention? i was so happy when we took these photos and there was Mr. Sunlight! haha, well if you would notice, most if not all of my posts were shot at night. It's because me and my "photographer" Neil would normally meet after office hours. And sometimes, im kinda shy to be photographed with a lot people everywhere. But beginning today, i say i'll try! You'll know if im successful, stay tuned for the next! :)

Top: Forever 21
Skinnies:bought from Greenhills
Belt: People are People
Wedges: bought from Landmark
Bag: Longchamp

Have a great week ahead! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The MRT Adventures of Rico

Ok.. First of all. im sorry if someone who works from the MRT came across to see these pictures.. I know it's illegal, you don't know how i tried my best just to get some shots of my little cousin here, and i never thought i would be able to come up with a short story but who cares, i had so much fun! :)

Here, take a look!

ok, next time i'll try my best to come up with a more meaningful story. The whole idea came up to me just now and what i enjoyed the most was looking at the pictures. My cousin is so adorable, and very much willing to do what i say. Those solo pictures of him were all his idea like pretending on coming out of the door, etc.. haha, and because i enjoyed it that much, i'm thinking of making another one again! 

That's all! Godbless!