Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let your Eyes do the Talking

 Hi there! been quiet in a while cause so many things are keeping me busy nowadays and let me put emphasis on WORK. I said i love Summer but this season also entails loads of work for a person like me who happens to be involved in an Eyewear Distributor Company good thing i got a great team with me. And on top of that, i've been also working out stuffs for my clothing line HappyBoon, but about that i am not complaining because it literally makes me happy. wish i got more time for it though.

Anyway, one of the reasons why i wasn't able to blog the past days was our 2-day event which was the S/S Eyewear Trade Show last week. It was tiring and all but i am very happy with how did it go, by the way Congrats to the team!:) Here are some snaps from the private event. i also took pictures of eyewears that i would love to have for myself! haha. 

Exhibit Area
 GUCCI Leather Aviators- around P18,000
 YSL Vintage style(my favorite! thinking of getting this and changing the lens with tint)
 GUCCI Young Mirror lens Wayfarer
 Tommy Hilfiger Wayfarer Havana - around P6,800
Tommy Hilfiger Wayfarer 2-toned - around P7,000
 Tommy Hilfiger Wayfarer black - around P7,000

 and if you prefer cool and colorful sunnies, here's Diesel for you!
 and Armani Exchange :)

Juicy Couture offers the girly and pink ones!
Of course for a classy high fashion look, let Yves Saint Laurent do it for you. 

Some of our pica-pica food :)

Strawberry tart the best! <3
Our hardworking team :)

Hey! Sunglass is a must for Summer, grab yours now at selected Optical Shops, Brand Boutiques and major Department Stores nationwide!



Monday, March 21, 2011

Summer Kiss

Top: Folded and Hung
 Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: LV (mom's)
Socks: Dept. Store
Brogues: Cole Vintage
Fedora: Rebel @ Pop Culture

Woohoo! my favorite season of the year - SUMMER! :)well, it would've been spring if we have it here in the Philippines but it's ok, am all good with summer! Can't wait to hit the beach or at least have a vacation somewhere where i can feel the sun and the rest of the nature. (Calling all my friends, any plans? :)
As you can see, im starting to dress up summer-esque.. there's something about it that makes me feel happy and free! Truly, this season is the best time to dress up and be experimental with your wardrobe!

PS: I'm cooking something for my brand HappyBoon! and i just can't contain all the excitement, will update you all soon.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Japan with Love

The whole world knows what Japan has recently experienced and even though i'm not from there, i cannot deny it's special place in my heart. My mother was there before and so are some relatives and friends.. Somehow, i've got a taste of what the country is: their food, hello kitty stuffs, clothing, technology, living - all of them my mother used to send and bring home to us. My respect and admiration for Japan and its people started to build from there and i'll say it again, one of my dreams is to finally set my feet on that land and let myself be more amazed by its beauty. Though frightening things like these happen, i believe by God's grace and mercy, soon, Japan shall see it's sun rise again.

This post is dedicated to all its people..
i am praying for you and i know the others are too..

 "Sometimes in our lives, God let the worst things happen. A situation where you cannot do anything about nor the others you call for help, because that's the best time He knows.. you will finally ask of Him.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Certain Shades of Red

Beanie: ordered online
Oversize Top: Forever 21
Pants: bought from department Store
Wedges: bought online
Watch: Nixon

What can i say?! I love this set so much, it was like a really happy day out! big thanks with hugs and kisses to Neil for keeping up with me. Oh how i love shooting during the day, when will i own all of my time? lol. because fyi, we just sneaked out from our work - oops, ok im dead! but it was just 30 mins and can be considered just over break for a normal day in the office :) By the way, yesterday's 10 so Happy to my Boyfie! <3 Glad we could still catch up for lunch despite our busyness. 
And in this set comes my new addiction: frozen yogurt! <3 
oh how it made our day :)) 

PS: I think these wedges will gonna die on me soon. :)


Monday, March 7, 2011

Stripes and Bowler

 Bowler: WAGW
Oversize Top: Oxygen
Watch: Hot Pink Timeteller from Nixon
Belt: Tomato
Bleached Shorts: From Greenhills
Wedges: bought online

Wore this to a rainy Saturday, thank God at least i wore hat since i forgot to bring my umbrella.. but still caught colds - failed :(

Anyway,what about that day? Well, me and boyfriend just grabbed some foody at Mr. Kabab Technohub branch where we took the photos too. I was totally in a shooting mode since i felt that we haven't captured nice photos yet but for some reasons we stopped because i don't know..oh yah, it was getting dark already... was it?  After dinner went to meet with our friends and had a few drinks at Central then off to Eastwood for some what? burger and fries. Haha. It was funny because they (not me because i was dead tired and near snoozing caused by the bad colds) were planning on extending the happy hour so we looked for a nice place but ended up eating at Mcdonalds instead since everybody's hungry! after fries, sundaes and coffee we drove home. :)
Till the next!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not So Heavenly

Top: Random brand from Japan (mom's)
Jacket: Random brand from Japan 
Studded belt: People are People
Skinnies: Topshop
Heels with cheetah print detail: korean brand

Wore this to work yesterday, i'm so happy i put on this will-make-you-warm jacket because it rained hard and i was out in the open; doing field work at Eastwood. Anyway after work, me and boyfriend had dinner at Heaven and Eggs and these are the foodies we had for the night only didn't finish mine because.. ok, i'll be honest, it wasn't good! Sorry, but i have to say so..

 Neil had a Korean beef stew something that he also thought wasn't good enough for its price.

I had a ham and cheese omelet plateI just have to ask - where's the ham and the cheese? i was kind of disappointed because i was expecting like rolled ham with lotsa melted cheese, etc. but everything in this plate wasn't tasty at all. i had to put lots of salt and pepper before i appreciated what i'm eating.

Disclaimer: Everything i said here was purely of my own personal opinion. I didn't say im right and all because every comments i made were just based on what we experienced. 
That's all!