Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Almost a Jumper

WOW. My second blog post for the month of April - you don't need to clap your hands for my inconsistency. Honestly, it bothers me whenever I'm not able to keep up with my postings but sometimes you can only do so much in a day plus recently things got really busier than usual that we weren't able to sneak in outfit shoots.  :(

Anyway, on to my outfit: You can never go wrong with denims because it can easily be paired to anything plus it never goes out of style. Wore this to a full day of strolling around BGC and Nuvali under the intense heat of the sun. You wont feel any cooler unless you're wearing a bathing suit i swear.

Round Vintage Spectacles: Giorgio Armani

Bag: Forever 21

 Chambray: from Bangkok

(my obviously favorite) Sneakers: PROMOD

Photographed by: Neil Villamayor

Woot! Tomorrow's the start of May - my birthday month! Hope it'll be a better one!
Till the next! God bless! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013


My first post this April! It's been a while huh? Been very busy since that Holy Week, joined a camp (which was great!) and lots of things took place that I wasn't able to sit and blog again. Enough excuses and on to my blog already: Wore this to a shoot last Friday with some students of De La Salle University for a brand feature (from the company I work in) in the Animo magazine. Boy I miss being a student so much, that walking around their school made me feel old. :/ So anyway, it was really hot that day, hence my iced tea that turned into a prop. Summer is definitely unleashing its sun power already here in the Philippines and yes, Im wearing a leather skirt. :I No, not a biggie really cause i think its pretty (a gift from le boyfriend <3) and i dont think any outfit can beat the intense heat, not unless in a swimsuit jumping off the beach! 


Good thing there's a little bit of air, you see the fringes move with me! Haha. About the top I'm wearing, it was actually an old dress from years back that i bout from the sale. For most of the time, I use it as a top. 

  Sunglass: Rayban

 Dress used as top: PROMOD

 Fringe Leather Skirt: FOREVER 21

  Wedge Sneakers: PROMOD

Photographed by: Neil Villamayor

I still look belong dont you think?
Till the next!