Monday, June 6, 2011


 (Top: F21 / Shoes: Jcube Online Boutique/ Shorts: Oxygen/ Necklace: Solo, Robinson's)

First of all, yah am wearing the same top again from 1 post back but on a different and more comfortable way :)

So basically, we just did a shoot for my clothing line HappyBoon. Despite the heavy rain, we still went on because i can no longer wait to open the shop and show the public what we got, even if it takes just the two of us (Neil and I) to accomplish the task not to mention using a dirty wall outside my house as a background! That's what you call determination and resourcefulness people, haha. :)
Anyway, thanks to Neil again for helping me through this.
Well, all the hard work were paid off immediately because we visited spa that night, too bad body massages were fully-booked already so we just settled on the couch to get foot massage + arms and back. Darn, my heel hurt while the masseuse was pressing it hard. That moment, i just felt all the pain caused by the culprit - sky-high heels! #teenvogue

Finally the long wait is over, HappyBoon is now open and i cannot thank God enough for such blessing!
Please, visit HappyBoon now and checkout our latest collections!

and God bless


  1. Love your style dear. Followed you from chictopia :)


  2. Linked u thru chictopia 2.hehe
    congrats on the wt ur chic..adore the shoes:-)
    much love,

  3. @Pineapple Monsters: You're so sweet, thanks! very much appreciated :) btw, you might want to checkout HappyBoon on FB!
    (doin everything i can to promote my shop, haha ;)

  4. @chicqua: Thanks dear! and because of that <3<3<3 for chictopia and you! thanks again! :)