Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Got my Starbucks Planner!

Hi there! Its Christmas season again, the most exciting time of the year! Speaking of it, let me share with you one thing that has been part of my tradition since 2006 i guess; the Starbucks Planner! :) And i'm so happy i got mine already!

Here take a look!

i got the card on 11-07-11
got my planner on 11-27-11
Haha, look at the first photo, its like me thinking about when should i be finished with the stickers! Tada! 20 days, thanks for my coffee buddy Neil and the 2 stickers i got from mom's drinks (she got no choice but to drink the Christmas blend, haha). 
If you're thinking of getting your Starbucks Planner 2012 too, its not yet late! and by the way, it is available in 5 colors!

photo grabbed from http://philippines.starbucks.com
  On a different note, i bought a new wallet yesterday! :D

lovin' the print!!!
there's room for everything!
Christmas is really fun! But don't forget, above all the materials things we give and receive, it's Jesus Christ, the true reason and meaning of Christmas! Don't forget to offer Him the best gift of all! 

God bless everyone! <3


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