Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm blogging!

Bowler Hat: WAGW
Oversized top: Random Brand
Leggings: Promod
Suede Boots: Forever 21

Hi there my name is Kat..
I'm so excited, this is my first blog post and i can no longer wait to blog more! I was inspired by other people expressing themselves whatever it may be through blogging since diaries are faced out, hee. I hope to inspire other people too by sharing my thoughts and experiences with what/who i love, my life, my beliefs, or simply about everything in my world. I'd also like to special mention FASHION! I super love dressing up that's why i will also be sharing my daily outfits (ok, maybe not as in everyday but whatever, you get it right?) and aside from that i'll let you know about the updates of my own clothing brand Happy Boon! Yes, you heard that right, "my own brand" which is a dream i can't wait to come to life so help me God!

ciao for now, see you next time!

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