Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pies and Cheesecake

Wagw: bowler hat
random brand: leopard print top and black cotton vest
Topshop: dark skinnies
Korean brand: heels with leopard back detail

After several attempts to eat in Banapple, at last we made it! My boyfie Neil and I were so lucky to arrive at the place earlier than usual, meaning - less people waiting to be seated and there are still about 3 available parking slots. While waiting for our seats and looking at the menu we were drooling, oh my! there are lots of food choices that you will get confused on what to order esp when you are so hungry and you just want everything. Well, there's always a next time to try out the others, right? Wish i would've taken shots of the cake counter and their menu so that you'll drool too. hee :))

 took a shot of this cute chandelier while waiting for our orders
 Neil's food
my order, boy i only ate half because this meal is so darn heavy for my tiny stomach but super yum! :)
After dinner, we felt like it's still too early to go home so we grabbed ourselves drinks from Starbucks. Mine was iced cafe mocha while his was signature hot choco. mmmm :)


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