Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's my 24th!

Ok, first of all i would like to greet myself a 
Happy Happy Birthday! 
Woohoo, thank you Lord for the 24 years and many more to come!!!

As much as i wanted my special day to be bright and sunny, the rain never fails me every 28th of May. And i don't like it because it kinda makes me sad and gloomy instead of happy. But, that should not stop me on celebrating!

Wonderin' why am so formal? nagmamaganda lang kase birthday! haha.
No, seriously it was our friends' wedding day too! Btw, Congrats again to Rica and Ferdie! Glad it wasn't like we need to wear gowns and all and cocktail dress was just perfect! After the reception, went to meet my family for dinner and to fulfill my wish to watch Kung Fu Panda 2! But the cinemas were jam-packed, then i was sad :(

 Anyway, look at my dress! I'm wearing my own design! It's a part of Happyboon's First ever Collection. PM me to order, haha! And i'm lovin' my new shoes from Ichigo!
Randomness, strikes again..
Photos i got would tell the story clearer :)
(Dress: Happyboon / Shoes: The Ramp/ Purse: SM Department Store / Necklace: Happyboon)

and.. Neil's gifts for me! I loooove all!!! Thank you! <3 

Conti's famous and delish Mango Bravo! Yum! :)
POCH!!! Perfect case for my BB and itouch, esp. it's pink! and.. tadah! F21 GCs are just perfect! :)
Haha, i had to add this skull candy earphones on the picture because well, it's one of his gifts that i got days earlier simply because i can no longer wait to use them! and besides i was with him when he bought it! :)

Lastly, a surprise cake from the Eyewear Department! FYI, our boss baked this and it's delish!
Thank you guys! :)
 Super thanks to everyone who remembered! 
God bless you all because i am! :)



  1. such a nice print on that dress!!! happy birthday!!! =))

  2. @ Miss Donata, Thanks a lot! <3

    By the way, if you have time check this out too! It's my online shop, HappyBoon. :)