Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello Blog!

(Salmon Top: The RAMP/ Inner Top and Sunnies: F21/ Leggings: Topshop/ 
Shoes: bought in HK/ Watch: Parfois/ Accessories: HappyBoon )

Dear Blog,
Forgive me for not posting in almost a month, I've been busy and honestly sometimes i am very lazy to update you. 
Hope i could make up, starting with this post. :)


Just got back from a work trip to Cebu for 3 days followed right away by 5 days HK trip with my girlfriends! :) It was actually my first time to be there and i experienced so much fun!!! Will tell you more about it in my next posts. :) On the other hand, wore this last friday to work then met with boyfriend after for dinner at TGIF. #teenvogue

Thank you Neil for these nice pictures. 
imissedyou <3



  1. Great look, really stylish. Hyped on lookbook ;)

  2. love the shoes :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  3. great outfit, you look good! cool arm bracelets, and owl pendant!

  4. @MarieAntoinette: Thanks for the hype and for dropping by my blog! :)

    @decimal shoes: i just checked out your blog! lovin the shoes :)

    @AiRene: Thanks dear. xo <3

  5. We missed you! Heh. =) Welcome back!