Sunday, October 2, 2011

Warm Up

(Romper: Forever 21/ Kimono: The RAMP/ Bag: HappyBoon/ Shoes: Ichigo - The RAMP)

Wore this to work last Friday. Well, i wish i could tell a happy story though but that day was um.. sad. It was my boss' last day to work and i can't imagine what would it be without her in the office. More than a boss, she is a good friend to me. Apart from work, we talk about stuffs like about anything under the sun and the best part is we share the same interest in fashion. Actually, when i first saw her she was kind of intimidating - she's tall, pretty, hot and stylish! and i was like, gosh i hope i could pass the interview and i hope she's not mataray. Glad i did and that was the start of a real cool boss-subordinate-work and personal relationship. (Hope she agrees, haha) Anyway, like what i've said before, people come and go.. but after all even if you don't get to see each other monday-friday, it doesn't really matter as long as you know you're relationship is beyond those days - in whatever time, you can always count on each other. #teenvogue

with my boss - Ms. Mimic :)
Thanks for everything, i've learned a lot from you. You're the coolest and the prettiest manager ever! I wish you all the best because you deserve it. I'll pray for your continuous success and happiness!
 I will surely miss you!



  1. how have i only JUST discovered your blog?! your looks are so bright and lovely, i'm in love with that kimono.

  2. Hi Kathleen! we have the same name :) you are so sweet! :) Thank you so much :) Godbless <3

  3. The kimono is just greeeeat!

    xx jasmine