Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blue Black Blue

 (Denim with sheer sleeves top: Bazaar/  Skinny Jeans: TOPSHOP /Accessories and Bag: HappyBoon/ Wedges: JcubeOnline Boutiqe/ Nail paint/ Nature Republic)

First of all, Congratulations to my sister Jane who just graduated BS Nursing last week!
Woohoo! Welcome to the real world where you need to work for your future, lol. :)  

my sister Jane and I :)
Wore this on her grad day, didn't attended the ceremony though, because only 3 persons were allowed plus i don't think im willing to spend the long hours again (last was my grad). Haha. So i spent the day by attending Sunday service of course and watching Battleship with Neil, my brother and cousin after to to kill time - nice movie by the way! :)

Outfit Details: Look at my top! Lovin' the denim/sheer combo! Such a steal from the last SuperSale bazaar i went to. :) Got the jeans on sale at Topshop last week, ehem.. during one lunch out at work. :D and this chic suede heels i got at Jcubeonline Boutique is surprisingly comfy! i walked the whole day in it and my feet didn't hurt at all. They've got really nice collections so feel free to check their site for more! :)  

That's all for now,
and i'm leaving you with a cute photo of Neil and i. :)

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