Sunday, April 29, 2012


 (Blazer and Sunnies: Forever 21/ Floral Top: HappyBoon Denim Shorts: Bazaar  /Accessories and Bag: HappyBoon/ Heels: JcubeOnline Boutiqe/ )

I think, a girl can do anything for the love of fashion. In this case, even though its burning here in Manila i insisted to wear this black blazer i got on sale from Forever 21. :) Who cares? it looks good, besides i paired it with shorts to create some balance. Any signs that i felt hot in the picture? of course, my hair. haha, it was the first time i went out and pull them up in a messy bun, because again its really hot. Also, i've always wanted to try it but im not comfortable showing my forehead at all, thinking its kinda big for my small face and ever since, ive always had bangs. 

How's summer so far?
Hope you're all doing great! :)




  1. I love the floral print and your chunky platform sandals - you look so so cute!

    xo Joana

  2. I love the sandals and your necklace. You look really pretty :)