Friday, September 7, 2012

Dots and Flowers (How to wear Print-on-Print)

Top: Forever 21 / Skirt and belt: HappyBoon /Bracelets: HappyBoon / Necklace: HappyBoon / Wedge:  Espanolas

Photos by: Neil Villamayor

Hello BER Months!!!
Wow, time flies really fast! Can't believe that its going to be just 109 days before Christmas!
These photos have been in my archive since last month and i don't know what on Earth happened why i haven't blogged about this earlier, guess I was just really busy with other more important things. 
Anyway, on to my outfit: Wore this to a "casual mini photo-shoot" I and Neil did for my online shop HappyBoon. Channeling Print-on-Print was really fun! Have you ever thought of pairing polka-dots with floral ever? Well in the "fashion world" its not new now, this trend has been both on the streets and the runways ever since i can remember and If you learn how to do it right (make sure not have a fashion faux pas) you are going to enjoy it every time, I swear! If you are doing it for the first time, do not be afraid because there are some "rules" how to do it properly. OK, let me just share some basic "rules" then you may experiment from there. :)

Based from the picture below, I'm wearing a floral printed top over a polka-dot pleated skirt. Even they belong from a different group of patterns, they looked good together because (Key) they have similar colors in them (but not necessarily all the same). 

So if you want to try this out I suggest, start pairing different prints but with the same colors, colors close to each other or of the same family (ie. Blue-Blue Green-Green or Red-Yellow-Orange) You may go for monochromatic in here also. If you are not comfortable wearing bold or bright colors, try mixing prints in neutral colors (ie. black and white on black and white or Beige-Taupe-Mocha) By doing so, the whole look won't look trashy or cluttered but very put-together. 

Look at some examples below.
Enjoy!!! :)

Black and White Prints
Different prints on colors of the same family (Analogous)

 to be continued..

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