Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Have you noticed that days have been passing by so fast? Who kinda hates Monday? Raise your hand! ---> ME!!! haha, Obviously everybody knows why, I just think it simply ruins the joy of the weekend. But don't get me wrong, I dont hate it as it is, talking about "corporate employment dilemmas" here.

Anyway, wore this very casual outfit to Neil's brother, Nelson's birthday house celebration. Well, I actually also wore this to work earlier that Saturday and I was never been so comfortable. If i could, i would always prefer to wear something like this than the girly and feminine types, but you know sometimes your instinct just calls for it. :)

Button Down: from Bangkok

 Top: HappyBoon
 Studded Leather Bracelets: HappyBoon 

Lace Up Boots: bought in Hong Kong

Photos by: Neil Villamayor

Till the next!
 God bless!


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