Monday, April 8, 2013


My first post this April! It's been a while huh? Been very busy since that Holy Week, joined a camp (which was great!) and lots of things took place that I wasn't able to sit and blog again. Enough excuses and on to my blog already: Wore this to a shoot last Friday with some students of De La Salle University for a brand feature (from the company I work in) in the Animo magazine. Boy I miss being a student so much, that walking around their school made me feel old. :/ So anyway, it was really hot that day, hence my iced tea that turned into a prop. Summer is definitely unleashing its sun power already here in the Philippines and yes, Im wearing a leather skirt. :I No, not a biggie really cause i think its pretty (a gift from le boyfriend <3) and i dont think any outfit can beat the intense heat, not unless in a swimsuit jumping off the beach! 


Good thing there's a little bit of air, you see the fringes move with me! Haha. About the top I'm wearing, it was actually an old dress from years back that i bout from the sale. For most of the time, I use it as a top. 

  Sunglass: Rayban

 Dress used as top: PROMOD

 Fringe Leather Skirt: FOREVER 21

  Wedge Sneakers: PROMOD

Photographed by: Neil Villamayor

I still look belong dont you think?
Till the next!

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