Sunday, December 19, 2010


Oh, have you noticed my title? It's because I've been hearing and singing The Dog Days Are Over by Florence and The Machine over and over again this past few days :)

Basically this post is all about my last visit to my Alma matter UST. I went to celebrate the Paskuhan which happens every year. It's like a university wide Christmas party for all Thomasians and alumni. Went there with my office friends which are by the way my fellow schoolmates too and Boyfie which is yah, from there too.
picture overload starts now..

Picture with the UST giant letters

then inside the Main Bldg. a huge Swatch UST watch

 with boyfie and i'm boasting about my new Nixon watch which is i think is cuter :)

I've been teasing my hungry friends how they can't afford not to eat rice

me and neil just ordered some hotdogs plus this disappointing NY fries fresh soaked in overflowing oil. we love NY fries esp during movies, i guess due to the public demands that time they weren't able to cook it well.

Nixon watch :) My Anniversary gift for us.

 and lookie! a starbucks in the tent. isn't that cool?

And the cam whoring continues...

notice my flats? its killing my feet already because of the garter at the back, i regret not wearing the wedges instead.

 this is where i grew up.. oh, i miss college! i miss CFAD(college of fine arts and design)!

Reminiscing the old times, when our relationship was still new. I owe my beloved school for the fun memories we had together in those early years.

nobody's available to take our picture so i tried my best to put us all in the frame! (tag! frazy, orai and gale)


Then after that, went straight home :)

Till the next blog! 


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