Monday, December 6, 2010

Friday Madness

Plaid Top: Babo
Dark Skinnies: Topshop
Bag: LV (vintage from mom)
Heels: Summersault

Last Friday i received my 13th month pay but that didn't make me super happy because almost every single peso already has its where-to-go. Anyway, somehow i want to enjoy some of that so i asked Neil to have dinner in Highstreet. We ended up going for TGIF since it's Friday, haha. ok just kidding. These are the food we ordered:

 Fried Mozzarella with salsa dip (my fave!)

Then, before Prawns and chicken fillet, Java rice and chicken fingers arrived we had a bit of an argument. Great. And because of that i didn't anymore bother to take pictures of the rest since my happy mood is all gone by then. The dinner that was suppose to be my good food treat for us turned out to be a no talk dinner but squabbles. I really hate that happened, and to cut the story short..

he offered me a peace hug <3 awww. i couldn't explain further but he always has his amusing ways to cheer me up. He even kid and said "ok smile, picture picture na" (ok, we'll now proceed to picture taking, smile!). Haha, that's for some outfit shots which is a regular thing whenever we go out. After a few shots, just to add extra happiness for the night, i offered him to have some:

Praline mocha for me and i don't know what's his + yummy ensaymada + chitchats 
random: my nails painted with my latest purchase from the face shop

Till the next!


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