Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boracay Trip: Part 2

Stripe Bandeau Bikini: Babo
Denim Shorts:Diego
Slippers: Havaianas

Spell: LIFE.

Praise God for these beautiful creations He made for our pleasure and of course for us to treasure. Sorry, can't help to post too much pictures, its not even 1/4 of the album! haha.

Anyway.. Basically, what we did: island tour, snorkeling, banana boating, jet-ski, skim boarding, food trip and endless cam-whoring! And on our last night, since we're so tired after all our explorations we (my sisters and cousins) fell asleep at around 10pm. Sucks really, because instead of snoring we should be partying for the last time! :( My mom asked us in the morning what happened to us (while chuckling). She said they even had spa late at night. My brother, on the other hand, said he was knocking on our door and because we're not answering he just went out and partied alone. Just failed.. :( Oh well.

PS. I still have a part 3, but that's just an outfit post.:)



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