Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lovely Stacy

Last night after work, I and Neil on the way home decided to grab something to eat. He suggested Capitol hills. We were actually planning to eat in a different resto then, but upon the entrance of that establishment was a cute surprise, Stacy's. A restaurant that i would like to try ever since i saw blogger Tricia Gosingtian tweeted a cute picture via instagram. Of course Neil knew about it so with no hesitations we entered that place. Ate waitress (failed to get her name) was kind enough to let me take pictures (thank you!) so here you go readers, meet Stacy :)
Vintage stuffs everywhere. so cuuuttee :)
We didn't get to try any of their yummy-looking-cakes though cause we were so full already. In fact, i wasn't really planning on eating dinner that time, but i just can't resist ordering from their menu, seems like every single thing in it is delicious! :)
 Mug full of popcorn and marshmallows for free! such a cute treat :)
Big Breakfast Bangers P185- Savoury grilled sausage patty served with sugar-dusted French toasts, cheesy scrambled eggs and a cup of fresh fruits
Waikiki Omu-Rice  P205- Caramelized spam like you've never tasted it! Pan-grilled in brown sugar and folded into buttery mushroom fried rice, wrapped in a yummy cheesy two-egg omelette. Served with creamy Japanese mayo, tomato blend ketchup and fiery hot sauce for that added kick!
and when we asked for the bill.. tadah! they sent it with 3 chocolate hearts. aw, that's sweet :)
I really enjoyed dining at Stacy's. I love restaurants with cute interior, it makes the dining experience fun and extra special. Plus! their food aren't expensive at all and take note, they're really yummy!
PS. Stacy's is located in Capitols Hills, Quezon City.
Click here for their website.

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