Friday, February 24, 2012

Like in College

 (Jacket: H&M/ Shirt and boots: Forever21/ bag: HappyBoon) #teenvogue

My favorite bag obviously. :) Love how flexible it can be.
and for some reason i don't know why every time i am including a bag into an outfit post this is what I'm using. Anyway, how college can you get when wearing this university type of jacket?
Bought this neon pink one on sale in H&M hongkong, such a deal for only hk$100 :)

Weather is weird right? well, at least for those who are living here in Manila. 
I just hate it every time its raining so hard in the morning so you'll choose an outfit that would cover you from chills then the next thing you know later in the afternoon its already summer.

Oh well, in life sometimes things are uncertain so always be prepared.

God bless!

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