Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red and Plaid

(Polo: NAVA/ Accessories and Bag: HappyBoon/ Aviator: Gucci/ Boots:HK) #teenvogue
Hello there! It's been a while and so much for a blog hiatus. Hope this short outfit post will do for a make up :) Summer is here baby! but why is it raining hard these past few days, the weather is terrible that's why i always go for a safe outfit, not too summer-esque or the other way around. Lovin this boots that i bought in HK, it's very comfortable to walk. Oh, i can't wait to have a vacation somewhere again, wanna go back to HK and buy more shoesies!!! :)
By the way, me and my friends attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival last saturday! It' was fun, will upload some snaps in my next post. :)

OH! belated Happy Heart's day everyone!
that explains why i am wearing color red in this post, haha ma-connect lang.

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