Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Me and Neil decided to meet last Monday to celebrate our Monthsary. We don't actually celebrate it big, but we make sure to at least have some dinner, movie or something every 10th of the month like a total special bonding time. His paper-bag caught my attention! tadah! it was a gift for me. It's the brogues I've been eying for not for the longest time but didn't buy it because am practicing some self control.:)

Anyway, what we had for dinner: Yang Chow, Lemon and Honey Chicken and Broccoli in oyster sauce.

Yum.. esp the lemon chicken, it's one of my fave chinese food <3

oh! and look, my new shoes! <3<3<3

No outfit shots for today, didn't take effort shooting and i don't know why.. oh yah, i let my brother took about 3 shots and none of them is worthy to get posted! :D 

Goodnight and Godbless!


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