Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here We Go Again Friday

Went again to Banchetto last friday, and as promised, this post has some photos of food that we spotted that night.
But before the food jaunt happened, me and Neil killed time at the mall where, gosh, all the SALE banners are up! Since he has been planning to buy shoes, i accompanied him to different shops for some shoe hunting. Well, although he already knew what to buy, we can't take our eyes off all other stuffs screaming on him to buy them. Haha, bottom line is we end up not buying the "it shoes" because first, there's no good stock available and second, he's torn between all other shoes we espied that night. Instead, he bought this cardigan which was on sale at Topman. Lemme show you some snaps while his on the fitting room and me taking advantage of my free time and play with my cam :)

Where: TOPMAN fitting room 

Top: Forever 21
Black Shorts: Thrifted
Leggings: Promod
Brogues: Cole Vintage

And here, food galore!!!

We even caught one local program (Rated K of ABS-CBN) rolling their cam on the Lechon while twas being murdered, i mean chopped:)

 And yah, the crowd here is always going crazy finding the right foody to fill-in their stomachs.

What we grabbed for the night:
Philly Cheese Steak
This cheesy mini patata over here is a must try!!!

And after. . . took photos of Neil while he was taking photos of something. :) 

Think i'll stop here, hee..
Thanks for putting up with me :)

Till the next! Godbless!


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