Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baguio Trip 1 - Color Blocking Trend

(Red Top, Shorts and Green stone Ring: F21 / Shoes: Jcube Online/ Cardi: Babo / Purse: Mango)

Been in Baguio for 4 days and i had the ultimate bonding experience with my loved ones. Got to relax for a while even in the not-so-cold-like-before Baguio (as you can see i could still wear shorts but only in the morning). Have you noticed? I took on the famous Color Blocking Trend here and i hope i made it work! Of course, i didn't dare to wear the heels when i found out we're going to Mines View and Burnham Park, cause if i did my feet would probably be paralyzed by now :) and can i just mention that i hate that i forgot to brings socks., :/ Aside from the fact that it would definitely complete the whole look, it would also be a great of help to my skin allergy the occurs due to the abrupt change of weather specifically to the cold weather. Sucks, the feeling was like being bitten by lots of red ants and bites will form like maps on my skin. yay! Glad i brought pajamas though! #teenvogue

Anyway, still got a part 2!


  Thanks to Neil for all the photos, esp this one! <3

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