Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feed Me

 Cropped Top: Forever 21
Inner Top: Forever 21
Skinny Jeans: Topshop (i know,a favorite forever)
Brown Clogs:  Janylin
Sunnies: Gucci

And look, Koi Galore ! :)

For only P15, you can actually feed them. its fun because when you throw food on them, they go crazy like this! For sure, 1 pack's not enough for these babies!

Wore this outfit to work last Friday and then Saturday (took a shower somewhere, if you're thinking i didn't ) Haha. It was a long story though. Bottom line is, we had fun after that side trip because of Nuvali's fresh environment in Laguna.

By the way, i know i've been lacking posts lately and believe me i feel bad about that. Hopefully, this one's the start of me being consistent again. :)#teenvogue

Oh, and yah! we're hitting Baguio this Thursday till Sunday with my family + relatives and Neil! Can't wait! more posts from there for sure, when we go back!

Sorry, for the randomness. :)



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