Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Found Friends

Talk about Summer, and its scorching hot here in Manila right now! ..that actually explains why i got these shorts! Because my body screams - AIR! Could our beloved office allow us to wear these helpful "gadgets" -just for the summer! and i wish.

High-waist shorts: Oxygen
Brown Shorts: Forever 21
Which i got both on discounted prices. <3

Rings: Forever 21
I'm starting to invest more on accessories since i realized it's something that really helps complete an outfit. 
 Wedges: Bought at Jcube Online Botique

Lastly, i received this new pair of shoes yesterday and i so love it! For me wedges are the most trusty shoes on earth! or would there be something better in mars? ok, that's a joke. lol :))

PS. Will leave for Baguio later and i'm so excited! Time to have fun and feel relaxed again. Though i will be getting zero salary for the next 3 days that i will be away from work (because i already consumed all my paid leaves :)) its super fine, cause nothing can beat spending quality time with my loved ones! :) i would never miss that definitely! 

How's your summer so far? :)


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