Monday, July 30, 2012

Basics Reinvented

Shirt and skirt: Forever 21 / Studded leather cuffs: HappyBoon / Denim Top: HappyBoon / Bag: Bangkok / Oxfords:  Supersale Bazaar / Socks: Forever 21

First of all i just like to say, hooray to Neil's new camera (from D40 to D7000)! Look at those pictures, before, we really don't like taking pictures at night because of poor lighting. But now, we want more lights in the background!
Haha, I'm not going to lie I know apart from him I'm the one who's really going to benefit from it. 
So hooray to better photos in my blog! :)

Moving on to what I am wearing; 
Well basically you know I have worn most of this separately from my previous posts. You see there's nothing wrong in repeating clothes as long as you style them differently and make them appear like they're brand new again. Last Friday, since i will be out almost the whole day for work, i opted to wear my oxfords which I got from the last Supersale Bzaar for P400 ($10) - such a steal! 
For me, men-inspired women's clothing are best matched with the girly pieces. It somehow create an unusual (in a good way) balance to the whole look.

Here, I come up with 2 sets of looks I created using :)
Key piece: Men's inspired jacket
Key pieces: Oxfords, Boyfriends denim button down. Fedora
If you wanna try some of these looks but not yet willing to invest in men-inspired pieces, why not borrow from your boyfriend or brother instead? :)
 Photog: Neil Villamayor
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  1. I love this look..btw, u'r soo pretty!! Hyped your looks on lookbook.

    1. aw, thank you Gabrielle! :) Glad that you loved it! :)