Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Denim, Florals, Colors and More Colors

 Inner Top: Forever 21 / Denim TopHappyBoon / Floral Shorts: HappyBoon / Bag, Necklace and bracelets: HappyBoon / Shoes:  Jcubeonlineboutique / Flats: Cole Vintage /Timewear: Nixon / Nail Polish: Tony Moly

I missed blogging! So sorry for the lag, i wasn't able to get the memory card where my pictures to post are stored (if that could be an excuse). Anyway, into my outfit already:
I really like the floral shorts I'm wearing here, (which will soon be available in my shop HappyBoon) told yah i can never get over with wearing floral printed clothes! To create a balance, i wore just plain  sleeveless on top and the light denim button down over it. Of course it wont be complete without some yummy accessories! :) Oh, and i changed to flats cause i've been running some errands that day (in florals too!).

What you think?

Thanks to Neil Villamayor for my photos! <3


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