Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Top: HappyBoon / Neon Pink Cut off shorts: HappyBoon / Accessories: HappyBoon / Bag: HappyBoon / Lace Up Boots:  Hong Kong /Timewear: Nixon 
Does this post initially made your eyes hurt, especially while staring at my uber noticeable cut off neon pink shorts? I wont apologize though cause i think its amazing! :)
Love how the whole look screams "I'm young and having fun!" 
You see colors has this thing to cheer people up or brighten a gloomy day.
For those who are afraid of wearing it, don't be! If you can't be too loud as this try it little by little like for example; You're more of a all-black-from-head-to-toe type of a person, break the darkness a little by wearing a yellow purse or a pair of red heels. You'll see a pop of color will work its wonders to instantly make your wardrobe stand out!