Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Love Hello Kitty Forever

You know how much I adore Forever 21 because you've seen me a lot in their clothes. Right now, they've got new collections of made-of-faux-leather-clothes, sweaters aaaaaaaannd the Hello Kitty Forever which is so chic and adorable! I super love Hello Kitty, that when I was a kid (until high-school I guess) I have a lot of stuffs with her face on it. I have like disc player, coffee maker and a lot lot more made of her. Ultimate dream is to go to Japan and visit Sanrio Puroland! hah! - someday. :) 

I never thought Hello Kitty could look so chic in ladies wear until the Sanrio x Forever 21 collab! Here, take a look at the collection and be delighted as I am. 

 Images grabbed from

I bet those Hello Kitty lovers can't get enough of these pretty stuffs already!  I love the striped sweater with bow the most! But I haven't seen it from my last visit in Forever 21 though, will check again.  How about you? 

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