Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mixed Media

Denim, florals, pastels, neons, aztec, metals, studs, leather, suede and spikes; you will find them all in my outfit. When different materials are combined all together in an artwork, they are labelled "Mixed-media" (ok, not that I'm one best example of an artwork).

Floral Shorts: Topshop

Arm Candies:  HappyBoon

 Aztec Nail Art - I'll find time to blog about how you can do this at home! Did it myself. Don't worry, it's not manually painted. :)

Bag: Forever 21

 Wedge Sneakers: Promod

Hah! after I bought this pair of shoes, I wore them for 3 straight days already. Loving it so much because aside that it is "swag" (lol) there these 2 major factors - extra height and comfort. Just what I needed. Anyway, these whole outfit is something that I could wear everyday. Casual yet edgy, comfortable chic and very me.

Photographed by: Neil Villamayor

Till the next, God bless!