Friday, February 18, 2011

Do the Checklist for Spring 2011!

First of all, forgive the lack of happiness from my last post. I just realized that i should not dwell on sadness but concentrate on more positive things that's going to happen, and guess what.. i just got a word from God to leave everything to Him! so i guess now i'm back to the normal me. :)

So right now on a totally different and exciting note, i would like to share with you..


 It's just February, and you've got more time to prepare yourselves with these fabulous and trendy key pieces you "must have" for the SS 2011!

Clothing Trends:
1. Sheer Maxi dress
2. Lace Clothing
3. Tassles
4. Bell bottoms
5. Wide-leg pants
6. Capri pants
7. Tail hems - dresses longer at the back
8. Stripes
9. Jumpsuits and play suits
10. Crop tops

Accessory Trends:
1. Cat-eye sunglasses
2. Belt purse

Shoe Trends:
1. Clogs
2. Kitten Heels

 Thank you for the very informative 
must-know-fashion-stuffs! click here for more!

Again, sorry for being so random lately.


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