Monday, February 14, 2011

It's raining on Valentine's Day

Yah it is.. 
Happy V-day everyone..

I know, a happy person should at least greet for such occasion with some enthusiasm. But i guess i can barely feel that right now. Im sad, bothered or maybe iffy of what i am really feeling about my current situation. I want to let it out but i cant. Some things are just better left unsaid esp if you don't actually want to talk about it because not everyone has to know.. simply because, it hurts. Even just a thought of it breaks my heart. So what's the sense of me writing about it now? Clueless. Or well, i can say that a part of me just want to come out and at least tell the world I'm not ok. I just look like it, but im not. And that's enough.


On a lighter note, just when i thought the whole day is going to be miserable (emotionally speaking) and right after i sent a message tellin' "sorry, ang loser naten di tayo nagcelebrate ngayon" - i heard a knock on our door. Totally unexpected, there was Neil and a bunch of flowers. It made me smile and suddenly i felt normal again. 

 Thank you from my heart..

Gloomy days ahead but i'm sure God is working on His miracles.

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