Tuesday, February 8, 2011

See you when i see you

Top: bought from Greenhills
Belt:from HK
Black Pants: Dickies
Wedges: bought online
cuff: Tomato
Bowler Hat: WAGW

Went out for lunch today with my office mates. It was the most sad (with overflowing tears) lunch ever since i've been working in this company. Intentionally, the lunch-out was for our dear friend/co-worker Yna. It's her last day tomorrow because she is leaving for a higher job offer.. And it always hurt when good friends go.. So many things you're goin to miss doing together. But that's life, people always come and go and it doesn't mean ending.. because true friends remain in our hearts. Besides, we're now living in times where technology is present.. So yna, if you're reading this (probably not anytime soon after i wrote it but) hey, if you need buddies to laugh with, party with, eat with or whatever we're just one text away! Let's keep the connection alright! i love you! *akap* (hugs).
(with yna :)

On another note, my photos above were taken by my another good friend Benz (thank you!). It was an impromptu shoot outside the resto while others are inside and waiting for our orders. It was fun! and remember what i said to my previous post? Getting used to shoot with public eyes everywhere!


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