Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Go With It

inner black sleeveless: random brand
Denim vest: Terranova
Floral Skirt: Random brand
necklace: bought from tiendesitas
socks: Forever 21
Heels: Summersault 
(with my freaky eyes :))

Hi there everyone! If there are any readers yet. lol.

Wore this to work and movie night last Friday with Neil.
To add sort of character to the whole ensemble, i put the denim vest over the slightly girly outfit (not much because it wasn't pink! :).
And oh! can i just mention - i love Adam Sandler movies!
His movies may not be the deep or mind boggling type at all but its always fun to watch just like the recent one which by the way made me laugh all through the night.

The whole plot may be kind of predictable but all the other details of the movie were so put up together (very funny!). Ok, before i spoil anything why don't you just head on to the cinemas and watch either with the boyfriend, friends or family! I'm sure you'll feel good after watching this one. :)



  1. Wonderful skirt! and i like this necklace))

  2. great look! lovin the denim vest and clog boots!

  3. Thank you so much you both! :)