Friday, March 11, 2011

Certain Shades of Red

Beanie: ordered online
Oversize Top: Forever 21
Pants: bought from department Store
Wedges: bought online
Watch: Nixon

What can i say?! I love this set so much, it was like a really happy day out! big thanks with hugs and kisses to Neil for keeping up with me. Oh how i love shooting during the day, when will i own all of my time? lol. because fyi, we just sneaked out from our work - oops, ok im dead! but it was just 30 mins and can be considered just over break for a normal day in the office :) By the way, yesterday's 10 so Happy to my Boyfie! <3 Glad we could still catch up for lunch despite our busyness. 
And in this set comes my new addiction: frozen yogurt! <3 
oh how it made our day :)) 

PS: I think these wedges will gonna die on me soon. :)



  1. oh my you look really good:)! loving the last picture the most;) and I want your shirt!

  2. Thanks dear, means a lot! :)