Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not So Heavenly

Top: Random brand from Japan (mom's)
Jacket: Random brand from Japan 
Studded belt: People are People
Skinnies: Topshop
Heels with cheetah print detail: korean brand

Wore this to work yesterday, i'm so happy i put on this will-make-you-warm jacket because it rained hard and i was out in the open; doing field work at Eastwood. Anyway after work, me and boyfriend had dinner at Heaven and Eggs and these are the foodies we had for the night only didn't finish mine because.. ok, i'll be honest, it wasn't good! Sorry, but i have to say so..

 Neil had a Korean beef stew something that he also thought wasn't good enough for its price.

I had a ham and cheese omelet plateI just have to ask - where's the ham and the cheese? i was kind of disappointed because i was expecting like rolled ham with lotsa melted cheese, etc. but everything in this plate wasn't tasty at all. i had to put lots of salt and pepper before i appreciated what i'm eating.

Disclaimer: Everything i said here was purely of my own personal opinion. I didn't say im right and all because every comments i made were just based on what we experienced. 
That's all!


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