Monday, March 21, 2011

Summer Kiss

Top: Folded and Hung
 Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: LV (mom's)
Socks: Dept. Store
Brogues: Cole Vintage
Fedora: Rebel @ Pop Culture

Woohoo! my favorite season of the year - SUMMER! :)well, it would've been spring if we have it here in the Philippines but it's ok, am all good with summer! Can't wait to hit the beach or at least have a vacation somewhere where i can feel the sun and the rest of the nature. (Calling all my friends, any plans? :)
As you can see, im starting to dress up summer-esque.. there's something about it that makes me feel happy and free! Truly, this season is the best time to dress up and be experimental with your wardrobe!

PS: I'm cooking something for my brand HappyBoon! and i just can't contain all the excitement, will update you all soon.


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  1. Great blog! Love your outfit especially your owl necklace!
    Want to follow each other?