Monday, March 7, 2011

Stripes and Bowler

 Bowler: WAGW
Oversize Top: Oxygen
Watch: Hot Pink Timeteller from Nixon
Belt: Tomato
Bleached Shorts: From Greenhills
Wedges: bought online

Wore this to a rainy Saturday, thank God at least i wore hat since i forgot to bring my umbrella.. but still caught colds - failed :(

Anyway,what about that day? Well, me and boyfriend just grabbed some foody at Mr. Kabab Technohub branch where we took the photos too. I was totally in a shooting mode since i felt that we haven't captured nice photos yet but for some reasons we stopped because i don't know..oh yah, it was getting dark already... was it?  After dinner went to meet with our friends and had a few drinks at Central then off to Eastwood for some what? burger and fries. Haha. It was funny because they (not me because i was dead tired and near snoozing caused by the bad colds) were planning on extending the happy hour so we looked for a nice place but ended up eating at Mcdonalds instead since everybody's hungry! after fries, sundaes and coffee we drove home. :)
Till the next!



  1. hey dear, im a new fan! followed you!
    ♥, ace

  2. Hi Ace! You're so sweet, I'm flattered :) will checkout your blog too! :) Thanks a lot <3

  3. SUPER cute shorts and wedges! Thanks for stopping by my blog dear x

  4. hi jenny! you were here! thanks for stopping by too :)