Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Floral Studs Power

 Floral Polo: Bangkok / Studded Denim Shorts: Bangkok / Bag: Bangkok / Accessories: HappyBoon/ Watch: Parfois/ Black Heels: JcubeOnlineBoutique)
Sorry for the title! I just don't know how to insert "studs" there properly. haha

Anyway, on to my outfit;  this is what i love Bangkok for - shopping! Got almost everything in this outfit there and i swear i could stay in the mall all day for days with only waffles and milktea in my stomach. :) 
Isn't the floral print so pretty? I didnt wanna dress it up all girly so i opted for this black studded denim to give it a little umph (cause i dont know a word to describe). And my almost neon bag, its huge for me! But i like that i can put so many stuffs inside.

Oh gosh, I've been getting obsessed with florals lately.
I can wear Spring whenever! :)

Photographed by: Neil Villamayor (<3)

God bless!

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