Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bangkok Diary: Part 2

Hi there readers/visitors! Just so you know, i went to Bangkok, Thailand on the second week of June and it was such a nice experience going to another place (country) and discover so many things about it. Honestly speaking, I've never seen Thailand to the fullest yet - we stayed there for 4 full days and let's just say blame-it-on-the-shopping. :) Thinking I'll be going back, i didn't bother haven't ridden an elephant yet or set a foot in one of their temples cause again i just gotta maximize my time touring inside their malls. I know somebody would understand cause I'm claiming its-not-just-me-ok. Oh, by the way, you may read the Part 1 here.

Enough said and let's just get it on with the photos.
Starting with a super short outfit shots. :)

Fedora: Forever 21 /Tiger Graphic Tee: Bangkok / Denim Shorts: Bazaar / Bag and Neon braceletHappyBoon/ Shoes: HK)

Chao Phraya River Cruise on our last night.

And some photos i took via Instagram :)

Well hopefully next time, I'll be taking memories of their amazing beaches, the floating market, the elephants and all - that's a note to myself.