Sunday, February 17, 2013

Think Bright....Pink

First of all, I hope everybody had a very sweet Valentine's Day. Well, as for yours truly and my boyf Neil (who always take my outfit shots by the way) we just had a very casual dinner at Burger Bar then yummy frozen yogurt with fresh fruits afterwards. Yah, I know simple joys are the best! :) 

Moving to my outfit, nothing but comfy and laid-back clothes to one Fri-date with friends to the movies. We watched Mama which in all fairness isn't bad at all and since some of my friends were screaming on top of their lungs, it contributed to the whole feel while watching it. Haha

By the way, this is my normal hair. Not blown or anything, I always go out with wet hair tied or just like this "kinamay lang ayos na". Haha, I always get compliments about my hair and I'm thankful for it. But sometimes I really want it not as neat but kind of messy.

Sweater: Topshop / Leopard Bandeau: Forever 21

Arm Party: HappyBoon

Neon Pink Shorts: HappyBoon

Bag: Forever 21

Booties: from Hong Kong

So there you go, to close this post I'm leaving all of you with my best shot from this set.

Photos By: Neil Villamayor

Hahahaha, have a fun week ahead! 





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