Friday, February 1, 2013


Oh hello February, why so fast? Just like that and one month down? Anyway, It's official I.REALLY.LOVE.THIS.PAIR.OF.SHOES. Haha. I know, I'm stating the obvious. Just please don't get tired of seeing them ok cause I sure won't. :) 

Enough of the overrated shoes. Let's move on to my outfit - "Subdued" it is because my color palette was kind of conservative, plain and toned-down. So I thought its the best time for my very pink Nixon TimeTeller to shine and pop from all the grays and blacks. 

 Watch: Nixon / Bracelets: HappyBoon

 Bag: Forever 21

 Sunglass: Forever 21

Wedge Sneakers: Promod

Photographed by: Neil Villamayor

God bless and Happy Weekend everyone! :)


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